Special Options

Tokens and Micro Market Bucks

Moran Refreshments offers vending machine tokens which provide a free vend from the snack or drink machine. Tokens may be purchased from Moran Refreshments and given to employees for special occasions such as safety milestones or daily compliance with company policy. Likewise, clients serviced with Micro Markets can purchase Micro Market Bucks to be used in the same fashion. Tokens and Micro Market Bucks provide immediate, positive feedback for a job well done.

Fit Pick

For clients who wish to promote healthy lifestyles for their employees, Moran Refreshments offers their Balanced for Life program. The Balanced for Life program is designed to educate consumers about the elements of a balanced diet and the importance of physical activity. It includes Fit Pick products which are items containing no more than 35% of calories from fat, no more than 10% from saturated fat, and no more than 35% of total weight from sugar (nuts and seeds excluded). Qualifying products are designated as Fit Pick products with a Fit Pick logo. Fit Pick products include: snack bars, chips, snacks, fruit snacks, beverages, entrees, and more!


Moran Refreshments can customize the vending equipment in your facility. Take a look at the samples below, and let Moran Refreshments know how they may be able to customize fronts for you. Moran Refreshments can transform your break room machines and reinforce your company brand or logo. Moran Refreshments can provide you with a design that best fits your company.  


Allow Moran Refreshments to help you reduce energy costs related to the vending equipment in your facility. VendingMisers are energy-saving devices installed on vending machines. They power down machines when the surrounding area is vacant and automatically re-power the cooling system at one to three hour intervals. 


Moran Refreshments allows their clients the option of subsidizing the cost of products in the vending machines. Clients may choose to subsidize specific products or a specific amount of the purchase price. For example, such subsidies allow companies to underwrite Fit Pick products to lower the cost and promote healthy snacking. Subsidies can also be used in professional business settings to provide free snack and beverage options for the entire office.